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Andy Calamari

Chief Operations Engineer

It all started in a 5,000 watt radio station in Fresno California, a 65 dollar paycheck and a crazy dream.....

His love of music goes way back. Playing his book on records with his portable record player when he was young boy. Listening to the radio daily and taping the music and DJ's off of it with his cassette player.

Since joining WBXO he has always been willing to do anything the station needs to keep the music playing , from pulling cables to engineering shows and now enthusiastically assisting in programming a small sample of music on Sunday Night Live with Gene Garnes.

"Each show is unique to the personality of the host DJ. I have been fortunate to engineer each of the current shows. They all bring a different flare to the station. The music that is played on WBXO covers so many genres there is something for every listener out there!" 

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