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On-Air Personalities

GENE GARNES (Vice President, Radio Division)

On-Air Talent; Broadcast and Technical Engineer

Gene Garnes is the co-host of "Sunday Night Live" and General Manager of WBXO Radio. He has been a fixture in radio beginning in 1972, from the station's days as AM rocker WSRS to current. He began his commercial radio career as an engineer at WNBC New York, where he worked with the likes of Allen Beebe, Don Imus, Soupy Sales, Howard Stern, Wolfman Jack, Norm N’ Night and other big radio names. Gene retired from NBC in 2015 and now devotes his time to WBXO Radio.

PHIL LASKORSKI (Program Director)

On-Air Talent; Broadcast Engineer

Phil Laskorski joined WBXO Radio in 2007 as co-host of "Sunday Night Live." He comes from a radio background, having worked commercially at WGRC-AM in Spring Valley, NY and collegiately at WARY-FM in Valhalla, NY and at WICR in New Rochelle, NY. He became WBXO's Program Director in 2009, and currently serves in this capacity in addition to his announcing and engineering chores. Phil created WBXO's slogan -- "Classic Rock ... Redefined!" ... to address his love of the New Wave music of the '80s, much of which he plays on "Sunday Night Live." 


On-Air Talent

Pat Calamari joined the WBXO Radio crew in May 2015 as an engineer. He has been involved with music and radio since the early '80s as a DJ known in the local Hudson Valley clubs as DJ Squid. Pat hosts "The Pat Show" on Sunday nights; with his unique music mix, the best in concert reviews, legend interviews, sports updates and listener requests, it's always a great listen.


On-Air Talent

John Bastone joined WBXO Radio in 2015.  He is the host of "Jangle Time," where all kinds of music is rock music -- whether its David Bowie, Puff Daddy, Wanda Jackson or Johnny Cash.  John is a lifer in the music biz: he's collected records since he was four years old, ran his college radio station, owned record stores in Westchester since the '80s, promoted record shows for the last decade, and more.  His goal at WBXO is to keep redefining the definition of Classic Rock until it can include just about anything that has a rocking attitude, regardless of genre.


On-Air Talent

Harry “The Music Curmudgeon” Tucker joined WBXO Radio in 2010, playing his favorite eclectic rock hits, and has been a fixture here since that time. Harry began his commercial career in radio when he joined NBC Radio in 1969, retiring in 2014. Like many on staff here, he’s worked with some of the top names in the entertainment industry. He is known for his extreme love of “Eclectic Rock Music,” steadfastly promising not to play any burnt-out classic rock hits -- which translates into 95% of our music library. He has kept that promise from day one.


On-Air Talent (Relief)

Doug Danziger joined WBXO Radio in the spring of 2016, and currently serves as relief talent on various programs such as "Jangle Time" and "Sunday Night Live" -- and anywhere else his services are required. Doug’s interest in radio began in the '70s, as he was a huge AM pop radio fan. In 1980, he got his first break in broadcasting when he became an intern at WGCH-AM in Greenwich, CT. Subsequently, he became involved in high school radio; from 1984 through 1986, he was an on-air personality/DJ and daytime top 40 program director at WARY-FM in Valhalla, NY. He loves all music genres and features many of them on his shows, including classic rock, pop and soul from the '60s through the '90s.


On- Air Talent

Dr. Joe Phillips joined WBXO Radio in 2014. He is the host of "Metal Madness," where you can hear the best new hard rock and heavy metal music. Having played in bands himself, the good Doctor knows it can be a challenge for new rock bands to get off the ground; therefore, his programs strive to make certain tomorrow's' classics can be appreciated today. Joe currently lives in Pennsylvania, so "Metal Madness" only airs on special occasions.  Make certain to be on the lookout for it!


Producer / On- Air Talent

Laura Picardo works in the WBXO Radio Specials Unit.  She worked in non-commercial radio while attending and graduating from Marquette University in Wisconsin, joining the WBXO ranks in 2008.  She produces most of our long-term Christmas and St. Patrick's Day-themed shows, and is a valued member of the team.  Rumor has it she enjoys Irish soda bread!