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 WBXO Radio – P.O. Box 825 Pawling, NY 12564 

Telephone: 1-845-478-2360 (Master Control) 1-843-605-3104 (General Number) 


Gene Garnes 

General Manager


Statement Of Policy 

It is WBXO’ policy (overall objective) to reach and serve as many possible listeners and to provide them with news, information and family oriented entertainment. We provide listeners locally with service on 630 & 1610 kHz; 102.5 Stereo (FM) and world-wide listeners over the internet via 


In keeping with the tradition of WBXO, our music programming consists of Classic Rock music re-defined with specialty programming on weekends and other day parts as needed as it has been since our inception in 1972. Our music is aimed at people who have a varied interest in classic rock music and we try to accommodate our listening audience. As part of our goal to provide our listeners the highest grade programming we employ a Music Director, whose primary responsibility is to work with our air talent in selecting music, listen to the public demands for certain artists, etc and to compile a diverse musical format for air. 


WBXO’s format is geared to provide as much airtime as possible for music programming. We allocate 2 hours per week for public service programming not including, Presidential speeches or rebuttals. A typical hour of broadcasting will consist of the following:, music or entertainment programming interspersed with no more than two minutes of commercial breaks. WBXO’s minute-by-minute planning is kept somewhat flexible to provide ample time to air some of the longer music selections so common to the classic rock field. 

Public Service Announcements 

WBXO accepts outside written and produced Public Service Announcements for air provided they are submitted by not-for-profit organizations and conforms to our family oriented values. We broadcast both national foundations and local community interests as part of our way of keeping the public informed. Along with 60 or 30 second announcements, we also broadcast brief 5 and 10 second spots where whenever they can fit into an hour’s programming. We do require a 30 day if a certain announcement 

is requested to be broadcast on or before a specific date. Such requests should be sent to the Community Services Director. We do not accept any payment for any such broadcast as this is direct violation of FCC Rules and Regulations. An average of 4 minutes of Public Service Announcements is broadcast every hour. In no way will anyone, whether an employee of WBXO or non-employee be permitted to “plug” and merchandise or service with which he or she is associated, on the air without the permission of the programming department. Failure to comply with this rule is grounds for dismissal for employees and may inhibit the inclusion of future public service announcements from the offending organization. 


WBXO Radio currently does not subscribe to any wire or network radio service at this time. 


WBXO Radio maintains a sports department and employs a Sports Director; we cover both local and national sporting teams. Those local sports teams requesting special coverage are encouraged to contact the sports department for inclusion. 


WBXO Radio does not employ any editorial staff and therefore does not express its opinion in any way. 

No Discrimination 

WBXO Radio does not discriminate against anyone based on race, sex, religion, creed, sexual orientation, political affiliation, disabled or any other section covered under Title VII of the Federal Code of Regulations. 

Organized Labor 

WBXO Radio is a labor-friendly organization and encourages its members to exercise their rights in the work place. We further encourage labor organizations to submit reports to us on organizing and other matters of importance that the general public would be interested in hearing about. 


WBXO is a low powered AM and FM station operating under Part 15 of the FCC Rules and regulations. We stream our audio live over the internet at Our studios and transmitter are located atop Depot Hill, Poughquag, New York. We welcome your comments. 

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