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Program Schedule

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LIVE -- Every Sunday night from 8pm-11pm

Join Gene (The Great Communicator) for three hours of classic rock that will knock your socks off! If not wearing any, it will knock your socks on!

LIVE -- Every Sunday night from 5pm-8pm

Join Calamari (not to be confused with the Italian appetizer) for three hours of absolutely fantastic music, commentary, and music news. Always an entertaining show mixed with the best in concert reviews, legend interviews and listener requests.

LIVE -- Every Tuesday night from 7pm-10pm

John has been collecting records since the age of four. Every Tuesday night Gene moves his cars so John can pull into the drive with his semi-trailer truck filled with record albums. Listen in to his remarkable collection.

Every Saturday night from 8pm-9pm

Just when you thought it safe to listen to music, here comes Harry Tucker! Known for his extreme “eclectic” music tastes, Harry’s signature statement is that “I refuse to play burnt out classic rock” ... and he has kept that promise since Day One.

Every Sunday night from 11pm-12am

Without the writers and performers behind the National Lampoon Radio Hour, comedy today would be an altogether different beast. In truth, it wouldn't be nearly so beastly. For a time, overeducated, chemically altered white boys with attitudes were an extraordinary font of humor, and they didn't come much more educated, altered, white, and boyish than the Nat Lamp crew. Led first by Michael O'Donoughue and later by John Belushi, the radio program lasted from 1973 to 1975, with many of its creators then moving on to the inaugural company of Saturday Night Live. But if TV proffered innately impertinent, un-P.C. types like O'Donoughue, Belushi, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, and Gilda Radner in slightly deluded form, and movies would further water down their personas, radio served them up in all their concentrated glory. 

"Abe Schenkle's Rock Show"

Every Monday night from 1am-2am

What would the world be without Abe Schenkle's Rock Show? Listen in after howling with laughter at the National Lampoon Radio Hour!

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