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"The Songfather"


On-Air Talent


Sonny was born and raised in The Bronx, NY until the family moved out to Long Island (or as he calls it “the island of long”)

Sonny remembers that every weekend, his Dad would get everyone up by blasting music through speakers he had installed throughout the house. Sinatra, Dino, Bennet, Ray, Nat, Steve and Eydie and on and on. Their cousins Tony and Paul enjoyed success as The Teardrops performing around NYC, The Catskills and Atlantic City. They were also called “The Italian Everly Brothers!” His Mom has a nice career with RCA and was a “helluva” singer.


He joined the school choir in 4th grade, “to meet girls” but soon realized his own talent of love of music. He jammed and sang lead with local bands. He and his friends started “karaoke” nights long before anyone ever heard of karaoke in America. “We would DJ at local clubs and let anyone sing along who asked nicely!”


Sonny always had a thirst for performing and after going through his heavy metal phase, he discovered Elvis thanks to his Dad. He began singing at weddings and functions, bars and diners. Years later, Sonny found a way to present his life of music and his talented voice by DJ’ing on Friday nights on Facebook. Soon putting his own covers out there too. His followers grew and in 2011 produced his first CD, “Bella”. Followed by “A Sonny Christmas” and “BAM”.


He has written two children’s books, two books of his original inspirational quotes (which he posts daily on Facebook) and six songs. He coined the name “Songfather” by the numerous song requests he honors from all over the world on Facebook. He hosts and performs on his Songfather Podcast on Facebook weeknights from 6-8pm EDT.

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