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"The Songfather"


On-Air Talent

Salvatore Sonny Grosso was born a poor bleached child in Alabama. At the age of 7, he was bartered to a Capo in The Gambino Family in The Bronx, NY

As he grew older, he did odd jobs for his new family. Tidying things up, making deliveries, family stuff. After his “uncles” talked to the principal at St Gagutz High School, he graduated “Summa Gonna Lie” and went into private security/body guarding, even the live ones!

His love of music came from managing the clubs and acts that the same uncles had interests in. He was always afraid to sing because he heard growing up that those who sing, end up playing tag with Luca Brasi!

After his uncles, cugines, pals and others “retired”, he began to sing freely. Soon he was becoming recognized around the world, giving way to the title, “Songfather”.