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Tim Court

Broadcast Engineer

Tim Court started his broadcasting career in cable television and eventually worked his way into radio, initially spending time as an on-air personality at WVIP (FM, AM & cable) in Westchester County, NY.  Tim enjoyed the radio experience so much that he added part-time on-air duties at WCZK "Kool" 96.7 FM in Stamford, CT and "Superstation" 105.5 FM in Patterson, NY.   Tim's last radio gig was with "Oldies" 97.7 FM in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Despite being out of the industry for 18 years, Tim never lost his love of radio and joined the staff of WBXO in 2019.  Tim also has a love of photography and operates a freelance photography business in addition to the work he does for WBXO.

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